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People from all walks of life are drawn to music, each with their own story to share. In my drum lessons, I strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Together, we'll develop a lesson plan that suits your goals and abilities, ensuring that our sessions are both enjoyable and constructive. Through consistent feedback and adjustments, I aim to support your development as a drummer.


In our lessons, we'll focus on cultivating a healthy and precise drumming technique, emphasizing efficient, stable, and balanced movements. We'll also work on developing a strong rhythmic sense through note reading and exploring music that resonates with your musical preferences.

Beginner Level Lessons

The first lessons will include a short introduction to music, rhythm and the role of the drums in the ensemble.We will learn the classical basics and read notes, while making sure of a healthy and economical technique, correct and balanced posture and smooth and dynamic movement.The initial work will enable the acquisition of correct work and movement habits for the future, and will provide useful tools for training and progressing independently.

Intermediate Level Lessons

We will focus on the different styles that you're interested in, and furthur adapt the curriculum to your personal taste, while incorporating examples from my end. We will perform more advanced and complex exercises, delving into movement on the set and developing a deeper rhythmic ear (including "odd" meters).

Advanced Level Lessons

We will work individually on extracting an accurate sound from the instrument, while delve into complex and delicate movements to control your dynamics. We will work at an entry level on polyrhythms and improvisation. The purpose of the lessons will be to develop flow and control at a highest level on the instrument and for those who are interested, we will prepare to work in the studio and on stages.

Precise & Specific Work

- Preparation for various auditions, entrance exams for majors or schools. - Preparation for recordings; How to tune the drums, what equipment should be brought, what sounds good and what doesn't, building specific drum parts. - Preparation for live performances and touring; Mental preparation, what to carry and what not, what to expect to meet on/off stage. - Advice regarding equipment; What is better to buy, what is worth waiting with.

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